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To Cover Ongoing Medical Expenses & Renovations To Living Quarters




Friends and prayer warriors, we have an update on Nicole that we wanted to pass along... On Sunday, Pastor Cory took a few moments to explain a new financial need.

As Nicole prepares to finish her treatment program in Arizona, there are going to be expenses related to her physical care that will extend beyond her stay. In addition, some renovations are going to be needed to her home in Swartz Creek. With her weakened immune system, additional measures need to be taken to ensure the air she is breathing is as clean and sterile as possible. 

In the days and weeks ahead we would ask for you to prayerfully consider your part in this latest endeavor. In talking with the family, Pastor Cory and our leadership team feel that an additional $15,000 will cover a majority, if not all of the additional expenses.

You can give securely online right here on our website by clicking the ' giving ' tab at the top of this page,
 or in person on any Sunday during our morning worship celebration.

God and His people have been so generous throughout this entire journey and we simply cannot thank each of you enough for your prayers and financial support. Nicole continues to show signs of progress, and throughout this journey, the love, grace, compassion and provision of our Amazing God have been shown to countless individuals. May HE receive all of the glory!

Friends and prayer warriors... We are going to keep the update on Nicole brief this week because she has one simple request... prayer to help ease the pain.

The past week, the pain from the treatment has been very, very intense. Yes, she had made progress in many areas; however, this week has been a real struggle for her physically.

God truly is the ultimate healer, and with your help, He can provide comfort for Nicole during her time of struggle.


Friends, the past few days marked the end of the 6th week since Nicole began her treatment regiment in Arizona. 
The pain continues to be big issue for her, but as we have seen, Nicole continues to endure and push through it all... in large part thanks to your prayers and God's grace!

God continues to do some amazing things in Arizona, besides healing those who are sick. There are countless people who are hurting physically, and they, along with their families need Jesus. Nicole has had countless opportunities to minister to those folks even in her own time of pain and suffering.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Nicole did hit her initial fundraising goal of $80,000 - God and his people are so good! Continue to keep her in your prayers. The journey is long, but thanks to God's amazing grace and provision, nothing is impossible through Him!


BIG NEWS... The RBC family is so happy to share with you that this past week Nicole hit her initial fundraising goal of $80,000!

God and his people are so good! On behalf of Nicole, her family and the RBC family we cannot thank you enough for all of your support! Continue to remember Nicole in your prayers. Her treatment program is ongoing in Arizona and we will pass along updates this week.


Great news to pass along regarding Nicole's treatment in Arizona... thanks to your tremendous generosity, she is just $3,000 shy of meeting her goal. God's people truly are wonderful and we know the family is touched by your prayer and financial support!

This past week, Nicole did begin a new & aggressive form of treatment that has shown to have positive results in other patients. While the procedures went well, the pain after the fact has been quite intense. Pray for Nicole... the journey has been tough both mentally and physically. But throughout this process, she continues to encourage so many other individuals with her smile and her testimony. 

As she has said all along, "...I want God to glorified throughout this journey..."


As Nicole, wraps up another week of treatment down in Arizona, she had the opportunity to post a powerful update on her blog. 

Her message for each of you is available by clicking here. Despite the challenges, Nicole truly has an amazing spirit and continues to desire that God receive all the glory throughout the journey!


“At every turn, we have seen God every step of the way.”

We just had an opportunity to talk with Sandy and have several updates to pass along regarding Nicole’s treatment in Arizona. 

This past week Nicole did begin her treatment regiment at Evita! It was a full week involving several tests and consultations to help the team better map the best care for Nicole. Due to the extreme condition of her illness, they do have to go slow as her body can only handle so much each day. The entire family continues to be very impressed and encouraged by the level of care, compassion and knowledge displayed by the medical staff in Arizona – they have been with them at every step of this journey, providing constant updates and care. Sandy went on to mention that the staff has been very attentive to Nicole’s pain and making sure that as they progress, the latest tests and procedures are working to provide relief, not additional pain. 

Praise God for this… Nicole is noticing that she does have a bit more energy which has gone a long way to help with her stamina needed for the daily procedures!

As you might imagine, Don, Sandy and Nicole have had the opportunity to talk and encourage so many other individuals who are there for care. From Sandy offering an ear to listen and encourage other mothers who are there with their child, to Don running errands for fellow patients, to Nicole’s constant smile that has provided a great deal of encouragement to many fellow patients, God truly is working through them to minister to many individuals who are in Arizona from all over the country!

Nicole still has a long road ahead of her, and their hope is that she will be able to begin some of the more aggressive procedures soon that have shown to really benefit other patients. We also ask that you pray for Nicole… she’s a fighter, but as you can imagine, the daily pain and difficulty can take a toll over time. But as Nicole continues to remind all of us, “…I want God to receive all the glory throughout this journey...” 

Nicole, your army of prayer warriors are with you every step of the way!


This week, she did experience some relief from the pain, which has been major answer to prayer. 

Another major praise... Nicole is less than $5,000 away from her initial fundraising goal of $80,000! God and His people are so good!

Don joined Nicole in Arizona this week and Sandy will be flying out of Detroit Metro later today for the flight down. Your continued prayers and support are deeply appreciated!


I’m writing from hot and sunny Arizona, and I’m here largely because of your financial generosity to me. Since evaluation at Envita Medical Center two weeks ago, I’ve gotten to undergo shorter daily treatments to ease me into the more intense treatment that will begin on July 17. It’s apparent that God has led me to the premiere medical facility to treat Lyme, and while these days are still painful, I’m thankful for professional, compassionate care.

As I look at your financial investment, I’m reminded of how God has used Riverdale not only as part of my journey through sickness but also as part of my entire life journey. From shaping me spiritually as a child through the verses I learned in AWANA to growing me as a teen through the truths I learned in youth group, God has strengthened me through you, my church. He used all of those growing moments to prepare me for the deep valleys he’s given me to walk through. He continues to sustain me through your prayers. 

My need for those prayers hasn’t decreased as I head into a battle physically and spiritually in the weeks ahead. I realize that I will be in the fight of my life. I wholeheartedly believe that God has ordained this sickness and will give the grace to sustain, but I am desperate for your prayers. 

Thank you for being the body of Christ to me. I love you and am so thankful for you as my family. 

- Nicole


Friends, on a day when Nicole celebrates her birthday, she also needs your prayer.

We heard today that the level of pain she has experienced this past week during some of her testing has been some of the worst she’s ever felt. Nicole is trying to keep her spirits up, but it has been quite difficult given this latest difficulty. Doctors have said that the pain will get worse before it gets better, but like you, we hate to see her suffer like this. 

Nicole, we wish you a happy birthday! Know that an army of prayer warriors are standing by your side every step of the way.

Are you ready for some awesome news?  We just heard that Nicole has raised $72,000 for her treatment plan in Arizona.  God and His people are so good.  Wow!

For Nicole, it was another week of testing and early-treatment procedures.  She is still in pain, quite tired from some of the tests, but still in great spirits.  The family thanks you for your continued prayers!

This week, Nicole arrived in Arizona to begin her treatment.  On Thursday, she met with the Doctors and the team at Envita to begin the list of tests needed to finalize her treatment plan.  Nicole was also given a patient care advocate who will be with her evert step of the way.  Sandy told us Friday afternoon that the staff is “super nice and very organized”. The testing phase will continue a bit longer, then her Doctors will begin to implement her treatment plan. 

Nicole, Sandy & Don really do appreciate all of your prayers and support! We will continue to keep each of you updated on her progress.


For years, I’ve resisted the idea of going to a Lyme-specific clinic, not out of denial but because of the great cost. Most Lyme treatment is expensive and often not covered by insurance. So I’ve tried to manage my own treatment, seeing several doctors and synthesizing their advice.

Recently, though, I’ve grown more and more aware that my efforts at management aren’t working. In fact, I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime these past few months as the boundaries of my world have closed in further. Though pain levels kept me largely confined to the house before, I now seldom get out for anything but doctors’ appointments. A good day used to be one when I could get out for a ride to get coffee. Now a good day is one when I can sit up in a chair.

And on bad days, I can’t even handle having another person in the room. When my hair touches my face, it hurts. When my clothes touch my body, it hurts. Any light or noise or movement hurts. And this intensified pain has made even the most basic of tasks harder. Because having someone touch my head causes pain, I get my hair washed about once every two weeks. Having water touch my skin hurts, so I get to bathe about once a month. I now need help even to brush my teeth.

These months have contained loss upon loss upon loss. But in this season of compounded loss, God is giving a new direction, a new hope for physical healing.  
About a year ago, without telling anyone, I began to pray about the next step in my treatment, realizing what I was doing wasn’t working. Family and friends have noticed my decline, too, though, and without telling me, friends who learned about someone else’s effective treatment for Lyme began praying for God to provide the same treatment for me.

Then one friend shared the name of a clinic. I did some research. My parents grew convinced of the possibilities. Another friend joined in my research and contacted the clinic we saw as the best option. And others who have walked these last months with me (including my doctor) affirmed the choice to seek more comprehensive treatment at Envita Medical Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  While I’m still waiting on the Lord to provide funds, I’m walking prayerfully in the direction of this option for care.

But where does my ultimate hope come from? Does it rest in a state-of-the-art clinic staffed by personnel who’ve given their lives to studying and treating this disease? Does it come from success rates and percentages of potential improvement?  While I hope to find help at Envita, real hope is a Person in the form of Jesus Christ.

And in my darkest days, a friend has reminded me of that hope. She’s been recording herself reading portions of the Bible to me. It was a day or two after I came home from a recent hospital experience that she read Isaiah 9:2:

The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
on them has light shone


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