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The Student Ministries Pastor is to develop disciple makers for Jesus Christ. He is to oversee the spiritual growth and development of middle school and high school students as well as a team of sponsors. He is to provide a comfortable place of worship where students feel welcomed and accepted. He must make sure that the mission of his ministry aligns with the mission of the rest of the church. The Student Ministries Pastor is to promote the core biblical values found in our FREED Student Ministries: Friendship, Reverence, Evangelism, Equipping, and Discipleship.



The Student Ministries Pastor will seek to promote friendship by:

  - Building relationships with church staff, youth sponsors, students and parents
  - Scheduling regular meetings with youth sponsors for prayer, encouragement, and planning
  - Building relationships with students by attending sporting events, concerts, recitals, etc.…
  - Planning regular activities for students, sponsors, and even parents to connect.
  - Continuing to build relationships between students and sponsors through a small group ministry


The Student Ministries Pastor will seek to promote reverence by:

  - Teaching during Sunday morning Cross – Training
  - Preaching during Wednesday evening services
  - Providing weekly small group application and accountability material for students
  - If able, leading worship during Wednesday evening student services.
  - Creating, developing, and coordinating a student worship team.


The Student Ministries Pastor will seek to promote evangelism by:

  - Helping and serving weekly sports outreach program
  - Planning regular outreach events and activities
  - Teaching and preaching the gospel during services and outreach activities
  - Serving and leading missions trips
  - Equipping students to reach their lost friends for Christ through modeling and teaching lifestyle evangelism.


The Student Ministries Pastor will seek to promote equipping by:
  - Leading, training, and equipping sponsors so they can serve more effectively in ministry.
  - Offering and overseeing different ministries for our students.
  - Leading, training, equipping, and deploying a student leadership team.
  - Planning and leading different service projects for our students.
  - Planning the future direction for the Student Ministry by casting vision and setting goals


The Student Ministries Pastor will seek to promote discipleship by:
  - Teaching Cross Training lessons on Sunday mornings
  - Preaching on Wednesday nights
  - Diagnosing students spiritual levels and developing spiritual growth plans for the students.
  - Providing devotional and bible study materials
  - Leading a small group ministry for our students
  - Training a student Leadership team
  - Providing crisis counseling when needed
  - Connecting with parents with the student ministry for the discipleship of students.

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