1 & 2 Thessalonians


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The Necessity of God

Date Posted: 07/15/18

Pastor Cory us back in his series ‘ 1 & 2 Thessalonians ‘ focusing on the topic ‘ The Necessity of God ‘ and he has 4 main points that can help us in our daily walk with Christ. 1) God vices direction. 2) God increases affection. 3) God brings sanctification. 4) God raises expectation.

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My Commitment Is To God's Family

Date Posted: 07/08/18

Pastor Cory is back in his series ‘ 1 & 2 Thessalonians ‘ focusing on the topic ‘ My Commitment to God’s Family ‘… from 1 Thess. 3:6-10, he will break down 6 simple and practical ways that we can commit to God’s family. 1) I commit to encourage you. 2) I commit to comfort you. 3) I commit to be a source of thankfulness in your life. 4) I commit to be a source of joy in your life. 5) I commit to pray for you steadfastly. 6). I commit to challenge you spiritually.

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The Truth About Ministry

Date Posted: 07/01/18

Pastor Cory is back in his series ‘ 1 & 2 Thessalonians ‘ focusing on the topic ‘ The Truth About Ministry ‘… as many of us know, serving can be challenging, and many times, people walk away from ministry. Pastor Cory will explain the 4 reason why people feel the need the leave, and from scripture, the 4 descriptions of ministry. Scripture this morning is from 1 Thessalonians 3:1 – 5.

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Life In The Family

Date Posted: 06/24/18

Pastor Cory is back in his series and he is focusing on the topic ‘ Life in The Family ‘. From 1. Thessalonians 2: 17 – 20, he will breakdown several ways that we have each other in our hearts, and how we can apply these truths to our daily lives. 1). The Right Approach. (Vs. 17 & 18). 3 ways we have each other in our hearts: a) You're on my mind. b) You're in my prayers. c) You're part of my life. 2) The Right Attitude. (Vs. 19 & 20). a). HOPE. b). JOY. c). CROWN. d). BOASTING.

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A Solid Church

Date Posted: 06/03/18

Pastor Cory is back in his ‘ Thessalonians ‘ series (2:13 – 16) focusing on the topic ‘ A Solid Church ‘ and the 3 demands that are needed for being a solid church. 1) Submit. 2) Suffer. 3) Sure

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Leading Well

Date Posted: 05/06/18

Pastor Cory is back in 1 Thessalonians (2:7 – 12) focusing on the topic ‘ Leading Well ‘ and he is breaking down the 5 marks of a Good Leader. 1)Gentle 2)Give 3)Grind 4)Godly 5)Guide

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Share Jesus

Date Posted: 04/29/18

‘ Share Jesus ‘ is the topic of Pastor Cory’s latest message from 1 Thessalonians (2:1 – 6) and he has 6 main points that will help us when sharing Jesus with family, friends and coworkers. 1) Share Jesus without timidity. 2) Share Jesus without heresy. 3) Share Jesus without hypocrisy. 4) Share Jesus without trickery. 5) Share Jesus without flattery. 6) Share Jesus without self-glory.

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How Great Our Salvation

Date Posted: 04/22/18

Pastor is back in his new series ‘ 1 & 2 Thessalonians ‘ (1:4 – 10) and his focus today is ‘ how great our salvation ‘ and Pastor Cory is highlighting what each of us needs to be saved and how we know we are saved. What we need to be saved: 1) I need God’s love in calling me. 2) I need God’s power in convicting me. In addition, how I know I am saved: 1) I am more like Christ. 2) I am in the Word. I am a Godly example. I am unashamed of the gospel. 5) I am waiting in expectation.

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How Will I Be Remembered?

Date Posted: 04/08/18

Pastor Cory is excited to kick off a new series from the book of 1 Thessalonians 1: 1 – 3. This morning he is focusing on the topic ‘ How Will I Be Remembered? ‘ 1) I want to be remembered for my active faith. 2) I want to be remembered for my sacrificial love. 3) I want to be remembered for my unwavering love.

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