Broken & Remade

Broken and Remade! 

Every Thursday at 6:30pm, Riverdale is excited to host a new weekly series designed to help those who feel “stuck” move to a new life of freedom found in Christ.

All around us, countless individuals are struggling with addiction, physical, mental and sexual abuse, divorce, a terminal illness, a recent loss of a loved one, or other struggles that have a negative impact on their daily life.  This new series is designed to use God’s word to provide strength and healing.

RBC is blessed to have a couple, Bob and Michelle, lead this new series.  Bob is a former evangelist who struggled with depression, but through God, found the strength to overcome it.  His wife, Michelle, is a certified Psychologist who has several years of experience dealing with individuals who are struggling to find hope and direction. 

The atmosphere will be relaxed, informative and encouraging.  Confidentiality and trust will also be a key component of ‘Broken & Remade’.  In addition, the RBC security team will be present to ensure all of our guests feel safe and welcomed.

If you have questions, feel free to shoot us an e-mail by clicking the box to the right, or give our office a call at 810-732-5151.  

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