RBC Prayer Requests

Throughout the week, many of you have prayer requests and the RBC family is here to pray for you!

If you have a request that you would like featured on this page, please feel free to pass along the information in the ' your message ' box located to your right on this page and our team will add your request just as soon as we can.

KELLY ZIMMER has been diagnosed with lymphoma of the chest and stomach.  She is having an invasive biopsy today which she will need to stay overnight for.  Please pray for Kelly and her family as they are still waiting to know what kind of lymphoma she has and how to treat it.
JERRY LAFERNEY'S sister, Patricia, passed away last week in Florida, due to heart complications.  The funeral will be Thursday, October 19, at Swartz Funeral Home, at 1pm with viewing preceding the service.
ANDREA GATES, received word that her brother, Mike Yachanin, passed away unexpectantly.  Mike was only 34 yrs. old.  His wife's name is Jenn.  Please remember Andrea & Josh and her brother's wife, as they go through this difficult time.
have asked for prayer for Stacey's brother John and the entire family.  They just found out that John as a cancerous tumor in his left arm.  It has not spread yet to his chest or lungs.  John was saved at a special service at Riverdale a few years ago when the ' Blues ' came to share their testimony.  Amen!  
They have 3 specific requests:
1)  For Jesus to get ALL of the glory
2)  Most of their family is not saved.  Their prayer is that all of their family and friends will come to know Jesus as their Savior.
3)  Doctors will not have to amputate John's arm so he can continue to have full & daily function, as he is a police officer in the Ann Arbor area.
 Kelly has lymphoma along with some other suspucious areas throughout her body.
JOSH GATES has asked for prayer for a co-worker David Hoover and his wife Stacy going through difficulty.  

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