Watch RBC: Streaming Live

RBC Praise & Worship Celebration Streaming Live

Can't make it to church?  Kids are sick?  Take RBC with you!  

Each and every Sunday morning, we stream the entire service live on Facebook Live.  Music from the RBC praise team and Pastor Cory's latest message are all available in the palm of your hand!

It's simple, easy and free!  Here's how you can watch:

1)  Go to  (you do need a Facebook account to access their services)
2)  Search ' Riverdale Baptist Church - Flint '
3)  Click ' like ' to like the RBC page
4)  Head to our newsfeed
5)  Click on the live feed window and the service will appear on your phone, tablet or computer

Streaming begins every Sunday around 10:55am.  Plus, if you miss and service and want to watch it later that day or later that week, the entire morning service is available on the RBC Facebook page 24 / 7.

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