Riverdale Baptist Church is all about helping people find their place and purpose in Jesus Christ. We see to accomplish this goal by radiating God’s grace as we serve him, fusing our lives together as we learn, share, and pray with one another, and immersing ourselves in worship and in the teaching of God’s Word as we meet together consistently.

The key word here is worship.

Unfortunately, this word evokes many different definitions and emotions. Like it or not, we all approach worship with a particular bias. But what if we put all those aside for a moment? What if there were no titles such as traditional or contemporary? What if we were to enter the worship environment with one simple cry of our hearts – to absolutely adore and engage God? Well, here at Riverdale, we attempt to do that during our weekend and midweek services, through a variety of creative venues.

Now, are we traditional or contemporary? You have to see for yourselves…because we’re not sure there is a word to describe us! Check out our calendar to find out whats coming up, or feel free to drop in on any of our weekly worship opportunities!

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