Journey Through Psalms


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God My Protector - 2/26/17

Date Posted: 02/26/17

This week, Pastor Cory wrapped his series ' Journey Through Psalms ' and explained the three ways God is our (my) protector. 1) God protects me when I'm sick. 2) God protects me when I sin. 3) God protects me when I'm stabbed in the back

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I don't know what to do-Psalm 40 2/19/17

Date Posted: 02/19/17

Pastor Cory continues in Psalms. In Psalms 40 we learn what to do as Christians. We need to Wait, Pray, Expect, Worship,Trust, Study ,Obey and Speak.

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The Pain of Life - 2/12/17

Date Posted: 02/12/17

We all know the pains of life and the impact they have on our daily lives. This week, Pastor Cory shared 5 reminders for when life hurts. 1) Worship instead of whine. 2) Take my frustrations to the Lord. 3) It'll be over soon. 4) Get right with God. 5) Appeal to God's grace.

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Why Do The Wicked Prosper? - 2/05/17

Date Posted: 02/05/17

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'why do the wicked prosper?' Pastor Cory dived into that very topic and provided us with 4 ways to handle the prosperity of the wicked. 1) Follow instead of fury 2) Focus instead of fight 3) Relinquish instead of retaliate 4) Wait instead of war

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God Loves the Unlovely - 1/29/17

Date Posted: 01/29/17

This weeks message Pastor Cory focused on Psalm 36 and how God loves the unlovely. Cory gives 6 ways in which we are unlovely--1. My heart is persuaded 2. My mind is crooked 3. My ego is inflated 4. My words are fabricated 5. My actions are wicked 6. My intentions are distorted and 4 attributes of God's love-- 1. God's love is abounding 2. God's love is sustaining 3. God's love is saving 4. God's love is conquering

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Praise the Lord - 1/22/17

Date Posted: 01/22/17

This weeks message Pastor Cory focused on Psalm 33, and 8 Reasons to Praise God; 1.) God is unquestionably right; 2.) God is totally true; 3.) God is absolutely fair; 4.) God is continuously loving; 5.) God is fearfully powerful; 6.) God is ultimately sovereign; 7.) God is closely watching; 8.) God is the only deliverer.

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Turn yourself in-Psalm 32 1/15/17

Date Posted: 01/15/17

Pastor Cory gives us 5 reasons to Turn Yourself in. Sin needs to be forgiven, Forgiven sin is confessed sin, Confessed sin brings God's protection, God protects through His Word, and God's Word is meant to be obeyed.

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God Is Healer - 1/08/17

Date Posted: 01/08/17

This week Pastor Cory returned to his series on Psalms exploring God's healing power. He outlined 5 way God Heals. 1) God heals physically; 2) God heals emotionally; 3) God heals spiritually; 4) God heals eternally; 5) God heals for God's glory.

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God I Need You - 12/04/16

Date Posted: 12/04/16

Pastor Cory continued in his series 'Journey Through Psalms' and he outlined 4 ways that we all need God. 1) I need a word from God 2) I need a word with God 3) I need God to deliver me from evil 4) I need God to deal with my enemies. Pastor Cory also outlined 5 blessings to praise God for: 1) God hears 2) God helps 3) God strengthens 4) God saves 5) God satisfies

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Highs and Lows - 11/27/16

Date Posted: 11/27/16

Pastor Cory shows us in Psalms 27 four steps on how faith is built and outlines three steps on how fear is broken.

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God, I Thank You - 11/20/16

Date Posted: 11/20/16

As we kick of Thanksgiving week, Pastor Cory challenged us with 5 reasons to thank God: 1) Without God, I'm lost in the dark. 2) Without God, I'm locked in a dungeon. 3) Without God, I'm laying on a deathbed. 4) Without God, I'm languishing in despair. 5) Without God, I'm living in a desert.

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Life In An Unfair World - 11/13/16

Date Posted: 11/13/16

This week Pastor Cory led us through four ways to live life in an unfair world: 1) Live an open life 2) Live an obedient life 3) Live an overflowing life 4) Live an obstructed life

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Worship Jesus - 11/06/16

Date Posted: 11/06/16

Psalm 24 was the focus of Pastor Cory's latest message in Psalms. He outlined 3 reasons to worship Jesus. 1) Jesus is Creator. 2) Jesus is Holy. 3) Jesus is King.

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God Provides - 10/30/16

Date Posted: 10/30/16

Pastor Cory is back this week and is continuing in the Journey through Psalms. This week he reviewed 5 pieces in life that God provides; 1.) God provides Abundant life; 2.) God provides Spiritual life; 3.) God provides a Purposeful life; 4.) God provides a Secure life; 5.) God provides Eternal life.

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The Day of Trouble - 9/25/16

Date Posted: 09/25/16

Pastor Cory focused on one main point as he continued in Psalms… “Complete dependence on God brings complete deliverance from God.” He also described 3 keys for completely depending on God: 1) Express truth 2) Exercise trust 3) Expect triumph

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God's Revelation - 9/18/16

Date Posted: 09/22/16

This week Pastor Cory focused on God's revelation and the two ways he is revealed to us. 1) God is revealed in creation. 2) God is revealed in scripture.

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Victory - 9/11/16

Date Posted: 09/21/16

Having victory through God was the topic of Pastor Cory's latest sermon as he continued in his series 'Journey Through Psalms'. He described 3 ways that we can have victory with God: 1) Hold on to God 2) Cry out to God 3) Bow down to God

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Never Forget - 9/4/16

Date Posted: 09/21/16

'Never Forget' was the topic of Past Cory's message this week. He walked us through 6 ways that God helps us to never forget: 1) God guards me with His power. 2) God satisfies me with His presence. 3) God unites me with His people. 4) God spares me from His punishment. 5) God guides me with HIs precepts. 6) God saves me with His passion.

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Living With God - 8/28/16

Date Posted: 08/28/16

This week, Pastor Cory challenged us with the proof of salvation and the three steps to show that you are living with God. 1) Those who are saved prove it through their works. 2) Those who are saved prove it through their words. 3) Those who are saved prove it through their ways.

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When God Seems Silent - 8/21/16

Date Posted: 08/21/16

WHEN GOD SEEMS SILENT was the topic of Pastor Cory's latest message and he works his way through the book of Psalms. He explained what to do when God seems silent… 1) Express my feelings to God 2) Embrace the facts about God 3) Exercise my faith in God Pastor Cory also explained 3 steps to cultivate faith… 1) Reflect on past mercies 2) Believe in future deliverance 3) Participate in present worship

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In Case of Emergency… TRUST GOD - 8/14/16

Date Posted: 08/14/16

Emergencies in life are unavoidable. This week, Pastor Cory outlined 3 ways to trust the Lord: 1) Acknowledge God's provision 2) Accept God's plan 3) Assist God' people. Pastor Cory has explained 3 reasons why we should trust God: 1) The Lord sits 2) The Lord sees 3) The Lord sentences

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The Pursuit of Happiness - 8/7/16

Date Posted: 08/07/16

Pastor Cory continued on the Journey through Psalms discussing 2 requirements necessary in the pursuit of happiness. 1.) Leave Sin; 2.) Love Scripture

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7 Truths about God - 7/31/16

Date Posted: 07/31/16

Pastor Cory continues in Psalms and in chapter 8 we learn 7 truths about God. He is personal, powerful, praiseworthy, strengthening, creator, caring and purposeful.

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Is God Enough? - 7/24/16

Date Posted: 07/24/16

Pastor Cory answers the question IS GOD ENOUGH? Psalm 4 was the focus of his latest message as he described the 3 things that prove God is enough: 1) Joy 2) Hope 3) Peace

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The Journey - Part 1 - 7/17/16

Date Posted: 07/19/16

Pastor Cory began his new series Journey Through Psalms. Part 1 focused on how GOD IS GOOD 1) God gives us protection 2) God offers hope 3) God provides answers 4) God grants peace 5) God restores strength 6) God increases courage 7) God promises deliverance

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