Journey Through Joshua


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When My Time is Up

Date Posted: 03/04/18

Pastor Cory is back in ‘ Joshua ‘ and this morning he’s focusing on “ when my time is up “. 1) The Life I Live: Serve the Lord in word and deed to the end. a) In order to serve well, I have to be faithful b) In order to serve well, I have to be humble. c) In order to serve well, I have to be gentle. 2) The legacy I Leave: People who serve and see God.

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The Requirements for Following God

Date Posted: 02/25/18

Pastor Cory is back in his series ‘ Joshua ‘ (24:21-28) and he is challenging us with the 4 requirements for following God. 1) Settle It. 2) Sacrifice. 3) Submit. 4) Subject.

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God Is...

Date Posted: 02/18/18

Pastor Cory is back in his ‘ Joshua ‘ series (24: 14 – 20) focusing on the topic “God Is…” and how God provides for each of us every day. 1). God is preeminent. 2). God is provider. a) God provides freedom. b) God provides protection. c) God provides victory. 3). God is personal. 4). God is passionate.

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O Victory in Jesus

Date Posted: 02/04/18

Many of us might remember the great hymn ‘ O Victory in Jesus ‘… this morning; Pastor Cory is back in his series in Joshua (24: 1 – 13) focusing on how we can have victory in Jesus each and every day. He detailed 4 main points: 1) I can have victory over the power of sin. 2) I can have victory over the pursuit of sin. 3) I can have victory over the pattern of sin. 4) I can have victory because of the person of God

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Famous Last Words - Part 2 of 2

Date Posted: 01/28/18

Pastor Cory is back in Joshua 23: 1 - 16 focusing on ' Famous Last Words ' and continued this Sunday where he left off last week. Pastor Cory challenged us with three additional points that can help us in our daily walk with God: 4) Believe the promises of God. 5) Love the person of God. 6) Heed the warnings of God

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Famous Last Words

Date Posted: 01/21/18

Pastor Cory starts to finish up the book of Joshua in chapter 23:1-16 with Joshua last address to Israel. He lists 3 things we need to continue to work on 1. fight in the strength of God 2. Obey the word of God 3. Worship the Name of God.

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Division In The Ranks

Date Posted: 01/14/18

We all encounter division and difficulty in our daily lives, and this Sunday Pastor Cory focused on ' Division In The Rank ' and offered several ways to help us overcome it. 1) Division begins when I hypothesize only what I hear. 2) Division grows when I accuse before I ever ask. 3) The accused must: a) speak truth. b) seek togetherness. 4). The accuser must: a) show trust. b) stop talking.

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Obedience Is The Very Best Way

Date Posted: 01/07/18

Pastor Cory is back with his first sermon of 2018 and back in his ' Joshua ' series focusing on why "Obedience Is The Very Best Way." The portion of scripture today is Joshua 22:1-9. He covered 3 main points: 1) I must obey in every way on every day. 2). Obedience has requirements. 3). When I obey God, God blesses me.

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Giving to God's Work

Date Posted: 12/03/17

Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (21:1-45)… his topic: “Giving To God’s Work” and he has 4 simple points that will challenge and help us in our daily walk with God. 1.) When I give to God’s work, I am obeying God’s command. 2.) When I give to God’s work, I am submitting to God’s will. 3.) When I give to God’s work, I give to God my first portion. 4.) When I give to God’s work, God blesses me abundantly.

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On Trial

Date Posted: 11/26/17

Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (20:1 - 9)... his topic: ' On Trial ' ...we all face them each and every day, and he has 4 great points of encouragement to help us in our daily lives. 1). All sin will be judged. 2). The judgement for sin is death. 3). I am a sinner who deserves to die. 4). Jesus is my High Priest who rescues and restores me.

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Is It Really Worth It?

Date Posted: 11/19/17

With just days before Thanksgiving, Pastor Cory is tacking the topic “Is It Really Worth It?” From John 16: 25 – 33, he will provide 4 very simple and practical reasons why every Christ-follower should give thanks. 1). I have access to God. 2). I am loved by God. 3). I have assurance of salvation. 4). I have peace in life.

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Beyond Blessed

Date Posted: 11/12/17

God has blessed each of us in so many ways, and this morning, Pastor Cory continued in his series ' Journey Through Joshua ' focusing on why we are all ' Beyond Blessed '. From Joshua 19: 1 - 51 we learned four main points... 1). God's blessings are to be shared - DON'T BE SELFISH. 2). God's blessings are all around me - DON'T BE FORGETFUL. 3). God's blessings are worth fighting for - DON'T BE LAZY. 4). God's blessings are underserved gifts - DON'T BE ENTITLED.

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Count Your Blessings

Date Posted: 11/05/17

On this first Sunday in November, Pastor Cory continues in Joshua 18 (1 – 28) with two main points on why each of us should always remember to ‘ count our blessings ‘... 1). When it comes to God's blessings, I work but God wills. 2). When it comes to God's blessings, I am surrounded.

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The Other Half

Date Posted: 10/29/17

Pastor Cory continues his series in Joshua, exploring “The Other Half”. Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (Chapter 17: 1-18) and discusses these key points, 1) God takes care of His own regardless of stature 2) Persistent sin will not go away on its own; 3) When it comes to persistent sin: a) Don’t justify; b) Don’t complain; c) Don’t doubt.

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God’s Undeserved Favor

Date Posted: 10/22/17

We all know that feeling when we fail God, what we forget is ‘God’s Undeserved Favor’ for us. Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (Chapter 16: 1-10) and explains our Underserved favor in more details. Here are the key points Pastor Cory covers, 1) God is good even when I sin 2) No failure ever works out in my favor; 3 ways sin works against me: a)Sin enslaves me; b) Sin stalks me; c) Sin shames me.

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The Blessings of God

Date Posted: 10/15/17

Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (15: 1 – 63) focusing on the blessings of God. He has 4 points that will help us grow in our walk with the Lord. 1). God doesn't bless me with everything I want; He blesses me with enough. 2). Fight for God's blessings. 3). Ask for God's blessings. 4). The blessings of God do not erase the burdens of life.

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Because God Said So

Date Posted: 10/08/17

Pastor Cory this week was back with another powerful message from Joshua (chapter 14:1-15) as he focused on the topic "Because God Said So". He gave us 6 principles to help in our pursuit of obedience in God. 1). Remember what God says. 2). Believe what God says. 3). Obey what God says. 4). God, give me the patience to wait. 5). God, give me the power to war. 6). God, give me Your presence to win.

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Get To Work – Part 2

Date Posted: 10/01/17

We all know the feeling… ‘ There’s always work that needs to be done ‘ and Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (Chapter 13: 6-33) to finish up part 2 of his message. He covered 5 points to help us along in our journey. 1) There’s always work to be done. 2) God empowers me to do the work. 3) I obey in the work. 4) My obedience brings God’s blessings. 5) The greatest blessing is God Himself.

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Get To Work – Part 1

Date Posted: 09/24/17

We all know the feeling… ‘ There’s always work that needs to be done ‘ and Pastor Cory is back in Joshua (Chapter 13: 1-6) with 4 words to motivate us in our WORK and WALK with God. 1) Identity 2) Conformity 3) Integrity 4) Severity

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And The Winner Is...

Date Posted: 09/17/17

Pastor Cory is back in Joshua 12 : 1 - 24... his focus is on how ' God has won for me... ' He has three main points that will greatly help you in your daily walk. 1). God has won for me then - REMEMBER. 2). God will win for me now - REST ASSURED. 3). When God wins, it's a landslide - RESOLUTE.

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