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The Good News of Great Joy

Date Posted: 12/24/17

On this Christmas Eve, Pastor Cory took a break from his series to focus on this amazing season and why ' the good news of great joy ' can help us in our daily walk with the Lord. He covered 3 main points... 1) Who's the gospel for? ALL PEOPLE. 2) What's the gospel's focus? A SAVIOR WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD. 3). What's the gospel's fruit? PRAISE & PEACE

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Jesus Is...

Date Posted: 12/17/17

As we quickly approach Christmas, Pastor Cory shares the story of who Jesus Is. In this weeks message Pastor Cory covers 5 core characteristics of Jesus, 1.) Jesus is eternal; 2.) Jesus is life; 3.) Jesus is salvation; 4.) Jesus is God in the flesh; 5.) Jesus is complete.

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Are You Saved?

Date Posted: 12/10/17

As we celebrate the Christmas season, Pastor Cory took a brief break from his ' Joshua ' series to focus on a key question... "Are You Saved?" While the answer may seem simple, Pastor Cory revealed a few key points that will help us in our daily lives: 1) A person who is saved will have a God-controlled mind 2) A person who is saved will live a God-pleasing life. 3 Characteristics of a God-pleasing life: a) A God-pleasing life will be fruitful b) A God-pleasing life will be healthful c) A God-pleasing life will be faithful.

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