He is Risen: Easter 2018


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Easter Sunday: Jesus Shows Up

Date Posted: 04/01/18

Pastor Cory has a powerful message perfect for this resurrection season entitled ‘ Jesus Shows Up Again ‘ and he has three main points that will help us in our daily walk with God. 1). Jesus has commands - OBEY HIM. 2) Jesus wants fellowship - PURSUE HIM. 3). Jesus will provide - TRUST HIM

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Jesus Shows Up

Date Posted: 03/25/18

With just one week before Easter, Pastor Cory is back focusing on the resurrection (John 20: 11-29), and the topic is ‘ Jesus Shows Up ‘… he has 4 main points that will help us in our daily walk with the Lord. 1) Jesus is present in my pain 2) Jesus provides peace in my panic. 3) Jesus has a purpose in spite of my problems. 4) Jesus is proof when I’m perplexed.

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Down But Not Out

Date Posted: 03/18/18

With just two weeks to go before Easter, Pastor Cory is focusing on the true significance of the resurrection. His topic today is “Down But Not Out” (Joshua 19: 38 – 20:10) and Pastor Cory has two proper responses to God’s Sovereignty. 1) Remove the dread. 2) Remove the doubt.

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Investigating the Resurrection

Date Posted: 03/11/18

With just weeks before Easter, Pastor Cory has a brand new series ‘ He Is Risen ‘ and this week he is focusing on the evidence for the resurrection. 1) Jesus was killed on a cross. 2) Jesus was buried in a tomb. 3) Jesus returned in bodily form. 4) Jesus is worshipped as God.

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